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September Plant of the Month: Conospermum caeruleum
2 Sep 2014
Plant of the Month This species is rarely seen in cultivation, however, Herbarium staff have demonstrated its horticultural potential by featuring it in one of the raised planter boxes in the courtyard of the Keiran McNamara Conservation Science Centre.
New to Nuytsia
21 Aug 2014
Nuytsia cover New research on Acacia, Calandrinia, Eucalyptus, Spartothamnella and Stylidium has been published today.
August Plant of the Month: Acacia adjutrices
11 Aug 2014
Plant of the Month The recently-named Acacia adjutrices recognises Susan (Sue) Carroll, Meriel Falconer, Evelyn McGough and Kaye Veryard, past and present members of the Western Australian Herbarium ‘database team’.