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November Plant of the Month: Stylidium hygrophilum
3 Nov 2014
Plant of the Month Stylidium hygrophilum is a leafless, perennial herb with a well-buried, rhizomatous stem, scapes to 70 cm high, and flowers arranged in dense or shortly elongated racemes.
FloraBase updated
16 Oct 2014
FloraBase was updated last night to fix some of the problems found in the release from 3 weeks ago. Read more on our new Facebook page.
October Plant of the Month: Ptilotus clivicolus
9 Oct 2014
Plant of the Month Ptilotus clivicolus is a rare species of Mulla Mulla currently listed under the Priority 2 phrase name Ptilotus sp. Eneabba (K. Kershaw & D. Leach 07-02-01).