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Acacia acanthoclada subsp. glaucescens Maslin
Nuytsia 12(3):314-315 (1999)

Conservation Code: Not threatened
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current

Brief Description
Amanda Spooner, Tuesday 1 July 1997

Rigid, spiny, divaricate shrub, 0.5-1.7 m high, to 2 m wide. Fl. yellow, Jul to Sep. Gravelly/stony loam, red sand, clay. Flats, slopes, breakaways.


Beard’s Provinces: Eremaean Province, South-West Province.

IBRA Regions: Avon Wheatbelt, Coolgardie, Murchison, Yalgoo.

IBRA Subregions: Avon Wheatbelt P1, Eastern Murchison, Southern Cross, Tallering.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Carnamah, Menzies, Morawa, Mount Marshall, Perenjori, Yalgoo, Yilgarn.