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Scientific Plant Names Dictionary

Scientific Plant Names Dictionary A Microsoft Word-compatible custom dictionary which contains all family, generic, species and infraspecies names in current use for Western Australian plants. The dictionary now contains scientific names for those non-vascular plants and fungi now covered in FloraBase databases, as well as synonyms of current names in use.

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The stunning coastline of Cape Arid National Park on the south coast of Western Australia, featuring the iconic Showy Banksia (Banksia speciosa R.Br.). The Park contains more than 1000 native vascular plant taxa including 55 that are rare or poorly known, and more than 30 that have been scientifically described in the past 15 years. Important taxonomic research in this and other parks—25 potential new taxa in this park alone are the subject of ongoing taxonomic research—underpins conservation in Western Australia’s conservation estate. (Photograph Juliet Wege, October 2011.)

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