Plant of the Month — April 2014

Goodenia azurea subsp. hesperia

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Goodenia azurea subsp. hesperia is found near Warburton in the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve and throughout many central Western Australian deserts, including the Great Sandy Desert, Little Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert and Great Victoria Desert. It appears to be associated with lateritic plains, but can occur in other habitats influenced by ironstone. It differs from the typical subspecies (G. azurea subsp. azurea) in its central Western Australian distribution and its broadly oblanceolate, broadly elliptic or orbicular leaves.

G. azurea subsp. hesperia is not considered rare or threatened.

The subspecific epithet is derived from the Greek hesperos, meaning ‘of the west’, in reference to the western distribution of the new subspecies. G. azurea subsp. hesperia was described by Leigh Sage and David Albrecht in our journal Nuytsia, from which much of this text is transcribed.

Photo: C.P. Campbell

Find out more about Goodenia azurea subsp. hesperia