Plant of the Month — April 2015

Parsonsia diaphanophleba F.Muell.

Find out more about Parsonsia diaphanophleba F.Muell.

Parsonsia diaphanophleba is a woody climber to 10 m high with cream to pale pink flowers that is restricted to river banks in the Pinjarra area. It was described in 1861 by Victorian Government botanist Ferdinand von Mueller who derived the name from the Greek diaphanes (transparent or distinct) and phleps (vein), possibly in reference to nerves on the petals. While flowering has been observed from summer to early spring, it has most commonly been recorded in early autumn.

There are 37 species of Parsonsia in Australia, only three of which occur in Western Australia: P. diaphanophleba is the only species in the south-west of the state, while P. kimberleyensis and P. velutina can be found in the Kimberley region.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Parsonsia diaphanophleba F.Muell.

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