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News item thumbnail May Plant of the Month: Hakea petiolaris subsp. trichophylla
2 May 2016

Hakea petiolaris subsp. trichophylla is one of three subspecies of what is commonly referred to as the Sea Urchin Hakea, a species with glorious, bird-attracting inflorescences that bloom in autumn and early winter.

News item thumbnail April Plant of the Month: Billardiera laxiflora
1 Apr 2016

Billardiera laxiflora is a slender twining shrub or vine with delicate sprays of white flowers which can be seen from February to June in southern parts of the south-west region.

News item thumbnail New to Nuytsia
31 Mar 2016

A summary of last year's changes to WA’s vascular plant census was published today along with papers on Amanita and Vigna.