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News item thumbnail Australia's new $5 note features Prickly Moses
1 Sep 2016

When we read that Australia's new $5 note would feature the Prickly Moses wattle, we checked to see which one and found that it is Acacia verticillata subsp. ovoidea, and not the Western Australian Acacia pulchella.

News item thumbnail September Plant of the Month: Diplopeltis petiolaris
1 Sep 2016

Diplopeltis petiolaris (Coastal Pepperflower) is a suckering perennial herb that produces attractive sprays of pink flowers from July to September.

News item thumbnail August Plant of the Month: Utricularia menziesii
3 Aug 2016

Utricularia menziesii (Redcoats) is a small tuberous, insectivorous herb with bright red flowers, growing to a few centimetres in height.