Robert Brown’s Australian Botanical Specimens, 1801–1805 at the BM


These data represent the state of knowledge on Brown's plant collections held at the Natural History Museum, London (BM) in mid 2001 and are almost certainly incomplete. Users of this database should be aware that it is primarily a research database made available to aid taxonomists investigating nomenclatural issues in the Australian flora.

Every effort has been made to faithfully transcribe all the label data present on each of the specimens available at the BM. Brown used temporary manuscript names for his gatherings because the plants he collected were new and unpublished. Correlation of these manuscript names with the published names is helped by this index. Determination of the plants identity is dependent on specialist examination of the specimens, which has not always been possible. Therefore, the plant names available are not necessarily current, however, an attempt to include a reference to the relevant recent Flora of Australia treatment has been made.

Similarly, Brown's location descriptors vary from label to label and specimen to specimen. Users of this database should attempt to familiarise themselves with the locality synonyms (many available in the introduction) if attempting to compile a list of specimens Brown et al. may have collected at any set of localities. The locality names available are not necessarily current, however, an attempt to include the modern place name has been made for many records.

More information is available in a discussion of database fields and their contents.