Tribonanthes minor M.Lyons & Keighery
Salt-lake Tiurndin

Nuytsia 16:78-80, Fig. 1 (2006)
Conservation Code
Priority Three
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Annual, herb, to 0.05 m high. Shallow leached sand. Edges of playa lakes, along saline drainage lines.

Amanda Spooner, Descriptive Catalogue, 29 January 2007

Scientific Description

Leaves flat, 12-18 mm long, 0.5-0.8 mm wide; bristles or hairs on the leaf margin absent; hairs on the surface of the leaf absent (leaf surfaces glabrous). Scape present, hairy, 30-45 mm long. Inflorescence subtended by a bract 3.7-5 mm long, with several flowers; floral bracts 3.5-4 mm long; pedicels present, 10-20 mm long; flowers 4.5-7 mm long. Perianth hairy, radially symmetrical, uniformly coloured, white to cream, with six more or less equal tepals, the inner segments 2-4 mm long. Stamens six, in one level; anther 0.8-1 mm long, with an appendage. Style 1-1.3 mm long. Flowers in August, September or October. Occurs in the Mallee IBRA bioregion(s), of the South-west Botanical Province. Conservation Code Priority Three (P3).

C. Hollister and K.R. Thiele, 14 January 2020


IBRA Regions
Avon Wheatbelt, Mallee.
IBRA Subregions
Katanning, Merredin, Western Mallee.
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Cunderdin, Kent, Lake Grace, Northam.