Drummondita fulva A.S.Markey & R.A.Meissn.
Nuytsia 17:275-277, Figs 2, 3 (2007)

Conservation Code: Priority Three
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current

Brief Description
Amanda Spooner, Monday 14 April 2008

Erect, branching shrub, 0.5-1.5 m high. Skeletal, shallow, acidic soils of orange-red or red-brown sandy loams and clayey silts. Footslopes, lower to upper slopes and hillcrests.


Beard’s Provinces: Eremaean Province.

IBRA Regions: Yalgoo.

IBRA Subregions: Tallering.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Perenjori, Yalgoo.