Conservation and the Western Australian flora

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, the Minister for Environment may list species of flora as threatened flora in the categories of critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable if they are considered to be in danger of extinction or otherwise in accordance with the ministerial guidelines.

A summary and definition of the Conservation Codes applied to plants in Western Australia may be found on our Threatened species and communities page.


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Map of IBRA Regions
This map displays the bioregions defined in Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia 5.1. Elsewhere in FloraBase we use IBRA 6.1.


See the primer on WA’s IBRA regions for further information.

Northern Eremaean Southwest Northern Kimberley Victoria Bonaparte Central Kimberley Dampierland Ord-Victoria Plains Tanami Great Sandy Desert Pilbara Carnarvon Gascoyne Little Sandy Desert Gibson Desert Central Ranges Yalgoo Murchison Great Victoria Desert Coolgardie Nullarbor Hampton Geraldton Sandplains Avon Wheatbelt Mallee Swan Coastal Plain Jarrah Forest Warren Esperance Plains