A visual guide to the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA) in WA

The Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (Thackway & Cresswell 1995, Environment Australia 2000, Commonwealth of Australia 2004) categorises the Australian continent into regions of like geology, landform, vegetation, fauna and climate. There are 80 such regions througout Australia, and 26 occur in Western Australia. The Western Australian Herbarium uses IBRA as the basis for its distribution data. You can search the Flora of Western Australia using these regions. You can also read about how the IBRA regions are used in our distribution maps.

The boundaries of the IBRA regions in Western Australia are broadly compatible with the earlier Beard’s phytogeographic regions—a hierarchical system of provinces comprised of botanical districts and subdistricts. In the maps presented in FloraBase we have amalgamated the IBRA regions of Thackway and Cresswell into higher level groupings approximating the three botanical provinces of Beard. Users familiar with the Beard system should note the changes to the boundary of the South-West Botanical Province in the far southeastern corner due to regional revisions from IBRA. This imposition of an informal higher level grouping of the IBRA regions is made in order to assist assimilation between the two systems of classification and to help users to conceptualise the differences in phytogeography across such a large area of land.

Note that IBRA version 6.1 is currently used throughout FloraBase. For further information, visit the IBRA section of the website of the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia 5.1

IBRA Region map
Region detail graphic
Northern Eremaean Southwest
Central Kimberley (CK) Carnarvon (CAR) Hampton (HAM) Avon Wheatbelt (AW)
Dampierland (DL) Central Ranges (CR) Little Sandy Desert (LSD) Esperance Plains (ESP)
Northern Kimberley (NK) Coolgardie (COO) Murchison (MUR) Geraldton Sandplains (GS)
Ord-Victoria Plains (OVP) Gascoyne (GAS) Nullarbor (NUL) Jarrah Forest (JF)
Victoria Bonaparte (VB) Gibson Desert (GD) Pilbara (PIL) Mallee (MAL)
Great Sandy Desert (GSD) Tanami (TAN) Swan Coastal Plain (SWA)
Great Victoria Desert (GVD) Yalgoo (YAL) Warren (WAR)

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Alex Chapman; last updated on 16 January 2013.

Northern Eremaean Southwest Northern Kimberley Victoria Bonaparte Central Kimberley Dampierland Ord-Victoria Plains Tanami Great Sandy Desert Pilbara Carnarvon Gascoyne Little Sandy Desert Gibson Desert Central Ranges Yalgoo Murchison Great Victoria Desert Coolgardie Nullarbor Hampton Geraldton Sandplains Avon Wheatbelt Mallee Swan Coastal Plain Jarrah Forest Warren Esperance Plains