Plant of the Month
January 2021


Scholtzia involucrata (Endl.) Druce — Spiked Scholtzia


With its masses of shell-pink flowers, Scholtzia involucrata (Spiked Scholtzia) is a standout species in the WA landscape throughout the summer months. The inflorescence, resembling a spike with small flowers in groups of 3–5, can be found towards the ends of stems and arises each flowering season on new growth.

The growth habit of Spiked Scholtzia is variable and it would appear that two forms of this species occur in the Perth region. One is a tall, erect shrub with branches growing to 1.5m high, the other a smaller shrub to 0.5 m high with arching branches.

Spiked Scholtzia commonly occurs on sandy soils, from south of Perth to Eneabba and eastward to the wheat-belt, forming part of the understorey in kwongan or Banksia woodland communities.

Photo: R. Davis

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