Plant of the Month
June 2021


Wurmbea densiflora (Benth.) T.Macfarlane


Wurmbea densiflora is a small lily that grows to 10–20 cm tall, with dense spikes of bright or sometimes pale pink flowers. Flowering generally occurs from March to May, however flowering time can be dependent on the timing of rainfall. This species is often one of the first to appear in autumn and in favourable seasons flowering plants are abundant. After flowering the fruit-bearing stems bend down to become prostrate.

This species is endemic to WA and can be found from the Murchison Region east to Leonora, south-east to Nungarin and south-west to Northam, where it grows in shrubland in clay and sandy clay soils, especially near water courses.

There are currently 28 species of Wurmbea in WA and this attractive, diverse genus is the subject of ongoing research at the Western Australian Herbarium by Senior Research Scientist Dr Terry Macfarlane.

Photo: R. Davis

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