Plant of the Month
October 2021


Cheiranthera simplicifolia (E.M.Benn.) L.Cayzer & Crisp


Cheiranthera simplicifolia is a very inconspicuous shrub except when in flower in late spring, from September to October. The vividly coloured flowers are deep blue on the inner surface, paler on the outer and topped with distinctive crown-like, gold anthers up to 7 mm long. It is a small, dense shrub forming mounds to 1 m high, however it is more often seen scrambling, or clearly twining through surrounding vegetation up to 2 m high. The species epithet is derived from the Latin simplex (=simple) + folius (=leaved), referring to the flat, linear, rather wispy leaves.

This species is endemic to Western Australia and occurs from Kalbarri to Lake Barlee. This plant was photographed north of Mullewa.

Photo: R. Davis

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