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Plant of the Month
December 2022


Xerochrysum wilsonii T.L.Collins


Xerochrysum wilsonii is an erect or occasionally decumbent, taprooted, perennial shrub-like herb, growing 30–180 cm high. Its spectacular, starry display of large white to shiny copper coloured, petal-like bracts make it the perfect plant to celebrate this coming festive season. Its period of optimum blooming is December, with flowers beginning in September and finishing in January.

Xerochrysum wilsonii is endemic to the far south-west of Western Australia and recorded in the Esperance, Jarrah Forest and Warren bioregions where it occurs in diverse habitats, from montane heath and scree slopes at ~1000-m altitude, to coastal heath near sea level, on skeletal sandy soils.

The specific epithet honours the work of botanist Paul Wilson formerly of the Western Australian Herbarium, who has contributed greatly to Australian daisy taxonomy.

Photo: R. Davis

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