About Nuytsia


Nuytsia is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. It publishes original papers and short communications on the systematics, taxonomy and nomenclature of Australian (particularly Western Australian) plants, algae and fungi, especially descriptions of taxa, revisions, identification guides, nomenclatural and taxonomic issues, systematic analyses and classifications, censuses, and information on invasive species. Special issues with collected papers on a selected topic within the scope of the journal are occasionally published. Book reviews are not accepted.


Nuytsia was founded in 1970 and is named after the iconic Western Australian Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda, an arborescent root hemiparasite endemic to south-west Western Australia. One-fifth of all published native plant names for Western Australia have been formally established in the journal, including over one-quarter of the conservation-listed taxa in the State. Refer to the cumulative index to scientific names published in Nuytsia for details.

Since its inception, Nuytsia has been published as printed volumes with between one and three parts per year. In more recent years, papers have also been made available online. In 2011, Nuytsia moved to an open access online publishing model to enable more frequent publication of papers. To ensure compliance with the requirements for formal publication of taxonomic names, a small number of copies of each volume are also printed and distributed to key botanical libraries around the world, including institutions with which we have a valued journal exchange program.