Austrobaeckea, a new south-western Australian genus of Myrtaceae (Chamelaucieae: Hysterobaeckeinae)

The new Myrtaceous genus Austrobaeckea Rye is described, with eight species recognised. It is a member of tribe Chamelaucieae DC. subtribe Hysterobaeckeinae Rye & Peter G.Wilson and is restricted to the southern part of the South West Botanical Province of Western Australia. Three new species are named as A. columnaris Rye, A. fascifolia Rye and A. narembeen Rye, and the following new combinations are made: A. latens (C.R.P.Andrews) Rye, A. pygmaea (R.Br. ex Benth.) Rye, A. pachyphylla (Benth.) Rye, A. uncinella (Benth.) Rye and A. verrucosa (Turcz.) Rye. A lectotype is selected for A. uncinella. Three species have conservation priority.