New species of Western Australian Styphelia (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae) from the S. pendula and S. conostephioides groups

Eight new species and one new subspecies are described and illustrated. Six of these, S. caudata Hislop, S. globosa Hislop, S. graniticola Hislop, S. intermediana Hislop, S. intricata Hislop and S. madida Hislop belong to the S. pendula (R.Br.) Spreng. group (also known as Group V), and the other two, S. carolineae Hislop and S. exarata Hislop, are from the S. conostephioides (DC.) F.Muell. group (also known as Group VIII). Styphelia madida includes the subspecies hirtigera Hislop. A key is provided to species of the S. pendula group occurring in the south-west corner of Western Australia (i.e. west of a line between Perth and Albany), this being the main region of diversity for the group. Five of the new species have conservation coding.