A taxonomic review of the Styphelia tamminensis subgroup (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae)

Within the heterogeneous Styphelia Sm. Group X, a distinctive Western Australian subgroup is recognised based on morphological and molecular data. A morphological synopsis of the subgroup is provided and the following 13 new species are described and illustrated: S. annulata Hislop, S. bracteolosa Hislop, S. echinulata Hislop, S. exilis Hislop, S. hyalina Hislop, S. incerta Hislop, S. pallens Hislop, S. papillosa Hislop, S. platyneura Hislop, S. recurva Hislop, S. roseola Hislop, S. scabrella Hislop and S. subglauca Hislop. Nine of the novel species are conservation-listed. A key to all 19 members of the subgroup is included.