Prostanthera ferricola (Lamiaceae), a new species from Western Australia

Prostanthera ferricola B.J.Conn & K.A.Sheph., a distinctive new species endemic to ironstone and quartzite hills in the northern Yilgarn region of Western Australia, is described. This species is readily distinguished from P. centralis B.J.Conn and P. magnifica C.A.Gardner by its smaller leaves (5.5–10 mm long), purple-mauve adaxial surface of the calyx, a larger corolla (18–20 mm long) with hairs and glands on the outer surface, an absence of trichomes on the dorsal surface of the connective of the anthers and a longer pistil (20–21 mm long). Images of the holotype and field photographs of the habit and inflorescence are included along with a distribution map.