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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

An update to the taxonomy of some Western Australian genera of Myrtaceae tribe Chamelaucieae. 3. Thryptomene

Fifteen new species of Thryptomene Endl. that belong to sect. Astraea Stapf s. lat. are described: T. caduca Rye & Trudgen, T. calcicola Rye, T. dampieri Rye, T. globifera Rye, T. hubbardii Rye & Trudgen, T. nitida Rye & Trudgen, T. orbiculata Rye & Trudgen, T. pinifolia Rye & Trudgen, T. podantha Rye & Trudgen, T. repens Rye & Trudgen, T. shirleyae Rye, T. spicata Rye & Trudgen, T. stapfii Rye & Trudgen, T. velutina Rye & Trudgen and T. wannooensis Rye. A key is supplied for sect. Astraea and line illustrations or images for seven of the new taxa. Thryptomene urceolaris F.Muell. is selected as the lectotype of T. sect. Thryptocalpe Stapf. Lectotypes are also selected for T. stenophylla F.Muell. and for Scholtzia decandra F.Muell., which is a synonym of T. saxicola (A.Cunn. ex Hook.) Schauer. Most of the new taxa are conservation-listed. Species or species groups needing further study are noted.