Five new species of Styphelia (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Stypheliae) from the Geraldton Sandplains, including notes on a new, expanded circumscription for the genus

Five new species of Styphelia Sm. (S. ciliosa Hislop & Puente-Lel., S. filamentosa Hislop & Puente-Lel., S. filifolia Hislop & Puente-Lel., S. longissima Hislop & Puente-Lel. and S. williamsiorum Hislop & Puente-Lel.) are described, illustrated and mapped. All were previously recognised by phrase names under Leucopogon R.Br., and occur in the Lesueur Sandplain subregion of the Geraldton Sandplains bioregion. There is discussion of the recent decision to greatly expand the circumscription of Styphelia to include the genera Coleanthera Stschegl., Croninia J.M.Powell, most species of Astroloma R.Br. and a large percentage of those previously treated as Leucopogon.