A revision of the Lasiopetalum floribundum group (Malvaceae), including recognition of four new species

This revision focuses on Lasiopetalum floribundum Benth. and six morphologically allied Western Australian species. This group is characterised by loose dichasial or monochasial inflorescences comprising small, pink or white flowers subtended by a narrow, non-petaloid, epicalyx bract and having reflexed, stellate hairs on the style. Three new species of conservation significance from east and north of Perth are named as L. caroliae K.A.Sheph., L. rutilans K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins and L. moullean K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins, and a new species from the Margaret River region, L. occidentale K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins, is also recognised. Revised descriptions are provided for L. floribundum (which is lectotypified), L. glabratum Paust and the Threatened species L. pterocarpum E.M.Benn. & K.A.Sheph. A key to the group is included along with images and distribution maps.