Taxonomic notes on Asterolasia (Rutaceae) in Western Australia to inform conservation

Following examination of collections at the Western Australian Herbarium, the Threatened species Asterolasia nivea (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson is synonymised under A. grandiflora (Hook.) Benth. A revised description is provided for A. grandiflora, a geographically restricted species that will remain listed as Priority Four under Department of Parks and Wildlife Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora despite its expanded circumscription. Asterolasia pallida Benth. subsp. hyalina Paul G.Wilson, a distinctive taxon previously only known from Dryandra State Forest, is raised to species level and A. sp. Kalgan River (S. Barrett 1522), which is listed as Threatened in Western Australia, is treated as synonymous. While the latter action greatly expands the known range of A. hyalina (Paul G.Wilson) Wege, this taxon retains its conservation ranking of Priority Two. A key to species of Asterolasia F.Muell. in Western Australia is provided.