A taxonomic review of the Styphelia xerophylla group (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae)

Species belonging to the Western Australian S. xerophylla (DC.) F.Muell. group (or Group IX) are described and illustrated. The treatment includes two species published in the nineteenth century, S. xerophylla and S. stomarrhena (Sond.) Sleumer, together with four new species, S. angustiflora Hislop & Puente-Lel., S. cernua Hislop & Puente-Lel., S. disjuncta Hislop & Puente-Lel. and S. sulcata Hislop & Puente-Lel. A seventh member of the group, S. longissima Hislop & Puente-Lel., was described in a recent paper and is not treated again here. The morphological attributes of the group are outlined and a key to species provided.