Plant of the Month — August 2003

Hardenbergia comptoniana (Andrews) Benth. — Native Wisteria

Find out more about Hardenbergia comptoniana (Andrews) Benth.

Hardenbergia comptoniana begins to show its sprays of purple pea-flowers in mid-July, with flowering continuing until October with a prolific showing of many blooms. A striking feature of the flower is the lime green eye of the standard petal. A vigorous climbing plant, it is often seen growing over fences or shrubs or, if used formally, trained neatly for a garden display.

It is common in sandy soils along the coastal plain from Geraldton to Albany and inland in the forests in gravelly sands and clays.

This species is easily grown from seed, which is readily available commercially. It is one of those plants which distributes it’s seed “explosively” and on a warm day in late spring one may hear them popping.

Photo: K.C. Richardson

Find out more about Hardenbergia comptoniana (Andrews) Benth.

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