Plant of the Month — September 2003

Hypocalymma robustum (Endl.) Lindl. — Swan River Myrtle

Find out more about Hypocalymma robustum (Endl.) Lindl.

Hypocalymma robustum (Endl.) Lindl. or Swan River Myrtle is an open shrub up to 1 metre tall with decussate, linear leaves 10–15 mm long. The beautiful, light to dark pink flowers are carried in the leaf axils at the ends of the stems and are about 1 cm across.

It is common from the Swan Coastal Plain and the Darling Range around Perth to the Stirling Ranges and Albany in the south, growing in woodlands or Jarrah forests on sandy, gravelly, lateritic soil and flowering from June to November.

A strong response to fire produces long, robust growing shoots, arising from the base of the plant, one to two years after the burn.

Photo: M. Seale

Find out more about Hypocalymma robustum (Endl.) Lindl.

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