Plant of the Month — May 2004

Daviesia epiphyllum Meisn.

Find out more about Daviesia epiphyllum Meisn.

Daviesia epiphyllum is a most unusual resident of the Northern Sandplains, growing in shallow sand over laterite on heaths between Hill River and Eneabba. The unusual flowers, largest of its genus, are bright orange-red, orange or sometimes yellow, and hang from the flattened pale blue-green stems, producing a very alien look to this species. The seed pods are large and triangular, further adding to its appeal.

This Daviesia grows as a shrub or small bush 0.4–1m high. Popular spots to find this species are in and around Mt. Lesueur National Park.

Daviesia epiphyllum is a Priority 3 species and is not known to be available from local nurseries and, therefore, it may be difficult to sustain in urban gardens. Because of its very unusual attributes, it is a plant highly recommended to see (and photograph) in the wild.

Photo: M. Blackwell

Find out more about Daviesia epiphyllum Meisn.

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