Plant of the Month — July 2004

Leucopogon strictus Benth.

Find out more about Leucopogon strictus Benth.

Leucopogon strictus is an attractive small shrub growing to around a metre in height. Its flowers range in colour from white through to deep pink and dramatically complement the pungent grey-green leaves. It can be found blooming in the bushland from April to October.

Leucopogon strictus is a member of the Epacridaceae family, with a range extending in a general south-easterly direction from the Darling Scarp, east of Perth, to the Collie district. It grows in jarrah forest in sandy soils, granite outcrops and the margins of drainage areas.

Not known in cultivation, this delightful plant can only be enjoyed in the wild.

Photo: A. Ireland

Find out more about Leucopogon strictus Benth.

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