Plant of the Month — January 2006

Lechenaultia tubiflora R.Br. — Heath Leschenaultia

Find out more about Lechenaultia tubiflora R.Br.

January’s ‘Plant of the Month’, while short in stature, is the perfect choice for the New Year because of its brightly coloured flowers. The photograph shows the red blooms of Lechenaultia tubiflora, but it also has green, cream, white and yellow flowers.

It is a prostrate to ascending small shrub flowering from August to January and growing on whitish-grey or yellow sand often over granite or limestone, giving it a wide range of soil preference from sandplains to dunes.

The different coloured plants are often found growing together in the wild and, together in a garden, would make a brilliant summer display. This plant is ideal for growing in rockeries or containers. While not readily available from wildflower nurseries this plant may masquerade under a ‘nursery’ name. Ask for it at your local wildflower nursery in case they stock a similar species.

Photo: E. Wajon

Find out more about Lechenaultia tubiflora R.Br.

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