Plant of the Month — June 2006

Acacia celastrifolia Benth. — Glowing Wattle

Find out more about Acacia celastrifolia Benth.

Acacia celastrifolia is, as its common name implies, a ‘glowing’ wattle with rich yellow blooms that make winter bushland a delight from April to August when grey skies can predominate. Its species name of celastrifolia is derived from the Greek celastrus, meaning holly-like or privet-like and folia, meaning leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves in the photograph do not demonstrate this characteristic very well.

Acacia celastrifolia is a glabrous bushy shrub reaching 3m and favouring the lateritic soils of the Darling Range and the red soils of the western edges of the wheatbelt. It grows in Eucalyptus woodland from Mogumber south to Wagin.

Acacia celastrifolia is a common species and is quick to colonise after fire or disturbance. Look for it in the bushland and along roadside verges during autumn and winter.

Photo: S.D. Hopper

Find out more about Acacia celastrifolia Benth.

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