Plant of the Month — April 2008

Calytrix sapphirina Lindl.

Find out more about Calytrix sapphirina Lindl.

This delightful small undershrub, a member of the Myrtaceae family, grows from 0.2 to 1m high and has flowers of pink, blue and purple that enhance the bushland from July to May, with prolific flowering in spring. Growing in white, grey, yellow, brown or red sands and loams, often with gravel and laterite, it is found on sandplains, ridges and undulating slopes from Kalbarri in the north to Albany on the south coast and east to Lake Grace; its distribution is most concentrated between Perth and Geraldton.

The genus name of Calytrix comes from the Greek kalyx, bud, and thrix, hair, while the species name sapphirina is taken from the Latin, sapphirinus like a sapphire or ruby.

Native plant nurseries stock different species of Calytrix and all are particularly beautiful small plants. They are ideal for bringing vibrant colour to a rockery, patio tub or hanging basket.

Photo: E. Wajon

Find out more about Calytrix sapphirina Lindl.

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