Plant of the Month — October 2010

Petalostylis cassioides (F.Muell.) Symon

Find out more about Petalostylis cassioides (F.Muell.) Symon

Petalostylis cassioides is a sometimes prostrate, sometimes erect shrub growing up to 2 m high. Its flowers, which are a rich yellow tinged with deep orange, can be enjoyed all year from January to December. This shrub enjoys red sandy soils and sandstone, and as such is a lover of the ‘outback’.

Petalostylis cassioides is endemic to Australia and is a member of the Fabaceae - subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It can generally be found over most of the arid regions of Western Australia.

Petalostylis cassioides is not available from Perth native plant nurseries. Enjoy its rich colours on outback journeys, or if you are an armchair traveller, through FloraBase.

Photo: C.P. Campbell

Find out more about Petalostylis cassioides (F.Muell.) Symon

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