Plant of the Month — July 2010

Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell — Sand Hibiscus

Find out more about Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell

Alyogyne pinoniana or Sand Hibiscus is an attractive shrub growing to 3m. Its flowers range in colour from blue to purple through to violet, making it a standout species in the landscape at this time of year. Its flowers grace the wild for a long period from March to December.

Alyogyne pinoniana is not only a long-flowering species, but it is widespread throughout most of the State from the Esperance Sandplains in the south to Broome in the north. It grows within a wide variety of habitats including sand dunes and sandplains and in granite and red sandy soils. Its most intense distribution occurs from Shark Bay to Onslow and inland around Wiluna; it is not found in most of the south-west.

This plant is not readily available from wildflower nurseries, but related species bloom throughout the year. Alyogyne are popular with native gardeners and many species are available on the commercial market.

Photo: M.I. Blackwell

Find out more about Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell

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