Plant of the Month — April 2012

Hakea laurina R.Br. — Pincushion Hakea

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In the world of hakeas, this species is one of the most popular. Cream buds and red flowers form an interesting contrast against the long, deeply-veined leaves of this shrub or small tree. Able to attain a height of between 1–6 metres, it grows in sand or sandy clay, with a natural distribution ranging from the southern wheatbelt areas through to Esperance.

This Hakea is propagated easily from seed, and being of an erect and neat habit, is beloved of home gardeners and landscape gardeners alike. Favoured by nectar-eating birds, that same benefit is also enjoyed by small beetles.

Hakea laurina, because of its popularity, is readily available through the retail nursery trade. A reasonably long-lived shrub, Hakea laurina would prove a showpiece in any garden, large or small.

Photo: V. Holly

Find out more about Hakea laurina R.Br.

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