Plant of the Month — October 2014

Ptilotus clivicolus

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Ptilotus clivicolus is a rare species of Mulla Mulla currently listed under the Priority 2 phrase name Ptilotus sp. Eneabba (K. Kershaw & D. Leach 07-02-01). The new species is rhizomatous producing single scattered arching branches and is only known from two populations from the sandplains near Eneabba and Mount Lesueur National Park.

The name clivicolus is derived from the Latin, slope inhabiting, referring to the gentle slopes from where the new species is found.

The plant was described by R. Davis, T. Hammer and K.R. Thiele in our journal Nuytsia. A study in preparation on the molecular phylogeny of Ptilotus carried out by Tim Hammer has shown Ptilotus clivicolus is closely related to the other new species Ptilotus falcatus, described alongside P. clivicolus.The molecular results had showed that they were almost molecularly identical yet are clearly morphologically distinct from each other.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Ptilotus clivicolus

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