Plant of the Month — August 2014

Acacia adjutrices

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Acacia adjutrices is a multi-stemmed, normally erect sub-shrub 0.3–0.7 m tall. It is currently listed as Priority 3 under the name A. insolita subsp. efoliolata in Parks and Wildlife’s Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora. It occurs in a few disjunct populations from near Pingelly and Brookton in the south-central wheatbelt, extending north-west of Brookton to Wandoo Conservation Park.

A. adjutrices was originally listed under the name Acacia insolita subsp. efoliolata.

The specific epithet adjutrices is derived from the Latin adjutrix (a female helper), and recognises Susan (Sue) Carroll, Meriel Falconer, Evelyn McGough and Kaye Veryard, past and present members of the Western Australian Herbarium ‘database team’, for their excellent work in maintaining accurate content for the two Herbarium databases, WAHERB and WACENSUS. The plant was described by B. Maslin in our journal Nuytsia, from which much of this text is transcribed.

Photo: B. Maslin

Find out more about Acacia adjutrices

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