Plant of the Month — January 2015

Persoonia longifolia R.Br. — Snottygobble

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Persoonia longifolia R.Br. (Snottygobble) is a distinctive small tree to 5 m high. With its arching habit and characteristic red flaky bark it is an attractive plant, although to some eyes it may seem a little out of place in the Western Australian landscape. It can be found flowering throughout the Jarrah forest in early summer from December to February, often on lateritic soils.

Described by Robert Brown in 1801, the species name is derived from the Latin words longus (long) and folium (leaf). It is closely related to Persoonia elliptica R.Br., and on occasion hybrid swarms of these taxa can be observed. The fruits with their thin fleshy drupes were purportedly eaten by indigenous peoples, and the long thin curved foliage has been used as filler in cut flower arrangements.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Persoonia longifolia R.Br.

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