Plant of the Month — October 2015

Daviesia localis Hislop

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Daviesia localis (Bindoon Pea) is a newly described species in the family Fabaceae. First collected in 2001, it can be distinguished from other species in the genus by its large growth habit (1.5–3 m high by c. 3 m wide) and short, decurrent, spinescent phyllodes. The bright orange-yellow and red flowers appear in early October and feature a central yellow v-shaped eye on the standard limb.

The epithet localis is in reference to its locally restricted range in the Bindoon area, where the preferred habitat is a sandy loam soil in the understorey of Jarrah-Marri forest.

Daviesia localis, a conservation listed taxon, was described this year by Mike Hislop in our journal Nuytsia, from which much of this text is transcribed.

Photo: F. & J. Hort

Find out more about Daviesia localis Hislop

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