Plant of the Month — December 2015

Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.

Find out more about Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.

Amyema linophylla, commonly known as mistletoe, is an obligate stem-parasite found primarily on Allocasuarina. A perennial, woody, aerial shrub, A. linophylla has narrow, grey-green leaves and clusters of erect, red, tubular flowers featuring a frost-like indumentum. The fleshy, nutritious, single-seeded fruits which are produced in late summer and autumn are dispersed via the Mistletoe Bird and some honeyeaters.

Mistletoes occur throughout the world. The European mistletoe Viscum album has been part of legend and folklore through the centuries. Mistletoe has been associated with fertility, vitality and the cheeky Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistletoe!

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.

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