Plant of the Month — February 2015

Schoenolaena juncea Bunge

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Schoenolaena juncea is an erect sedge-like perennial herb to 1 m high. The large white involucral bracts subtending the inflorescence appear similar to those in genus Xanthosia (particularly the Southern Cross plant). It can be found flowering in seasonal swamps and wetlands in summer from Dandaragan north of Perth through the south-west to east of Albany.

Described by Russian botanist Alexander Bunge in 1845, the species name is derived from the Latin word junceus (made of rushes or rush-like). Schoenolaena is a part the Apiaceae or Carrot family and is a monotypic genus (consisting of only one species). The image here shows the flowers in transition from male to female phase. There is one remaining anther on a flower to the left of the image. Also, there are more flowers developing behind the open inflorescence.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Schoenolaena juncea Bunge

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