Plant of the Month — July 2015

Eucalyptus pyriformis Turcz. — Pear-fruited Mallee

Find out more about Eucalyptus pyriformis Turcz.

Eucalyptus pyriformis (the Pear-fruited Mallee or Dowerin Rose) is an ornamental mallee endemic to the northern Avon Wheatbelt and Geraldton Sandplains. Its pendulous, red or creamy white flowers are particularly striking, growing to around 5 cm wide and attracting a range of nectar-feeding birds that can sometimes be seen prizing off the opercula (bud caps) in their eagerness for a drink! This species is a wonderful addition to a native garden, particularly in view of its winter (to early spring) flowering time. It also has lovely, broad, grey-green leaves and grey over salmon pink bark that sheds in ribbons at the base.

This photograph was taken using a smart phone, demonstrating how these devices can be used to capture beautiful botanical photographs and contribute to citizen science projects aimed at improving our biodiversity knowledge.

Photo: Juliet Wege

Find out more about Eucalyptus pyriformis Turcz.

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