Plant of the Month — September 2015

Diplolaena andrewsii Ostenf.

Find out more about Diplolaena andrewsii Ostenf.

Diplolaena andrewsii (Wild Native Rose) is an attractive, compact shrub to 1m high with dense stellate hairs on both sides of the leaves and beautiful pendulous flowers that are produced throughout winter and spring. This rare and threatened species has a highly localised distribution on the Darling Scarp on the outskirts of Perth. Competition from weeds (particularly Watsonia) is a major threat to this species.

In addition to celebrating the beginning of spring, September is National Biodiversity Month and 7th September is National Threatened Species Day. In WA, more than a quarter of our native taxa are listed as rare, threatened or poorly known, and Diplolaena andrewsii is one of 424 threatened taxa specifically protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Diplolaena andrewsii Ostenf.

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