Plant of the Month — October 2016

Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

Find out more about Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

Xerochrysum macranthum is an erect, branching annual or short-lived perennial sub-shrub with a woody base, growing to 1.5 m high. The distinctive white or yellow (sometimes bronze) flowers with their shiny, petal-like bracts provide a spectacular display from Spring to Autumn. In Western Australia Xmacranthum can be found in the south-west from Geraldton south to Albany growing on a variety of soils and in markedly different habitats including jarrah forests, heath land and seasonally damp areas.

In the dynamic world of taxonomy, the genus Xerochrysum is currently the focus of research at the Western Australian Herbarium by Research Associate Paul Wilson, who is reviewing the circumscription of this group. In an upcoming paper in our journal Nuytsia, WA plants that were previously recognized as the widespread X. bracteatum will now be placed under other species, primarily Xmacranthum.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

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