Plant of the Month — November 2016

Philydrella drummondii L.G.Adams

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Philydrella drummondii (Greater Butterfly Flower) is an erect, bulbaceous, perennial herb that grows to 25 cm tall. Its bright yellow flowers consist of two small, lateral inner tepals and two large, broadly ovate outer tepals that at first glance resemble the wings of a butterfly. The species can be found in freshwater swamps and seepage areas, apparently limited to the western parts of the more than 800 mm rainfall zone, from Perth southward to Manjimup.

Philydrella belongs to the family Philydraceae, a worldwide but small family with a centre of diversity in Australia. Philydrella drummondii is one of only two species in the genus, both of which are endemic to Western Australia. It was named for the botanist James Drummond (1784–1896), who collected this species and seems to have been the first to recognise it as distinct from Philydrella pygmaea.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Philydrella drummondii L.G.Adams

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