Plant of the Month — September 2016

Diplopeltis petiolaris Benth.

Find out more about Diplopeltis petiolaris Benth.

Diplopeltis petiolaris (Coastal Pepperflower) is a suckering perennial herb that produces attractive sprays of pink flowers from July to September. As the common name suggests, it is a coastal species that in Western Australia is often found on sandy soils and limestone outcrops from Kalbarri to Dongara.

Diplopeltis belongs to the family Sapindaceae, which contains approximately 150 genera and about 2,000 species (including Maple, Lychee and Rambutan). The family is enormously variable in habit, ranging from trees, shrubs, herbs to vines, and can be found throughout temperate and tropical zones. The genus Diplopeltis is relatively small, consisting of only five species, all of which occur in WA with one extending into the Northern Territory.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Diplopeltis petiolaris Benth.

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