Plant of the Month — October 2017

Grevillea eryngioides Benth. — Curly Grevillea

Find out more about Grevillea eryngioides Benth.

Grevillea eryngioides (Curly Grevillea) is a suckering shrub that grows to 0.5­­–2m tall, with stiffly lobed, bright, blue-grey leaves that create an attractive foliage contrast against the surrounding bush. When George Bentham first described this species in 1870 he thought the foliage bore a resemblance to that of the genus Eryngium (Apiaceae), which inspired his choice of name.

This interesting species produces long flowering stalks to 2m high from September to November, with flowers and fruits that are copiously viscid and sticky to touch. The perianth is purple in colour with green styles that have a purplish-black pollen presenter. Curly Grevillea is widely distributed in inland areas of the southwest, from Morawa to west of Coolgardie and south to Lake King, where it grows in heath or shrubland, in sand or laterite soils.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Grevillea eryngioides Benth.

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