Plant of the Month — November 2017

Boronia heterophylla F.Muell. — Kalgan Boronia

Find out more about Boronia heterophylla F.Muell.

Boronia heterophylla (Kalgan Boronia) is a slender, branched shrub growing to 2 m high. It produces sprays of pendulous, bright pink, bell-shaped flowers from September to November. The flowers, while not as strongly scented as the better-known Boronia megastigma (Scented Boronia), are highly perfumed and the leaves are aromatic when touched. Boronias are part of the Rutaceae family, of which citrus are also members.

Kalgan Boronia is endemic to south-west WA and occurs predominantly in the Albany region, with a disjunct population around Busselton. It can be found growing on wet flats and near watercourses in jarrah forest.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Boronia heterophylla F.Muell.

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