Plant of the Month — April 2017

Brachyloma preissii Sond. — Globe Heath

Find out more about Brachyloma preissii Sond.

Brachyloma preissii (Globe Heath) is a compact perennial shrub that grows to 1m high and can be found flowering around coastal areas in the south-west. Often dependent on early rain, it commonly produces masses of delicate, red, urn-shaped flowers from early to late autumn.

The species is named after Johann August Ludwig Preiss (1811–1883), an enthusiastic collector of natural history specimens who, between 1838 and 1842, collected some 200,000 specimens of c. 2800 different plant species from Western Australia.

The genus Brachyloma is a member of the family Ericaceae and is endemic to Australia, occurring in all regions except the Northern Territory. Less than 20 species are known, and the majority are found in WA including several that have not been formally described.

Text: C. Parker

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Brachyloma preissii Sond.

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