Plant of the Month — January 2018

Thelymitra fuscolutea R.Br. — Chestnut Sun Orchid

Find out more about Thelymitra fuscolutea R.Br.

Thelymitra fuscolutea (Chestnut sun orchid) is a late flowering orchid growing to 20–30 cm high, with broad, leathery, bright green to yellowish green leaves. The delicate flowers, on show from November to January, are pale brown and yellow, often chestnut in colour, with a dense tuft of whitish column hairs.

The Chestnut sun orchid is endemic to southwestern WA where it is uncommon, but moderately widespread and well conserved. It occurs just north of Perth to just east of Albany, where it grows in coastal heath, forests and often around the edges of winter-wet swamps, but also in adjacent drier areas.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Thelymitra fuscolutea R.Br.

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