Plant of the Month — November 2018

Dasypogon hookeri J.Drumm. — Pineapple Bush

Find out more about Dasypogon hookeri J.Drumm.

Dasypogon hookeri (Pineapple Bush) is an unusual arborescent monocot that can grow to 3 m tall, with numerous straplike leaves 30–40 cm long forming a dense, pineapple-like crown at the top. Plants produce heads of white to cream drumstick-like flowers around October to January.

Pineapple Bush occurs in far south-western WA, between Donnybrook and Augusta, where it grows in scattered groves, usually on sandy clay or gravelly clay soils, in Jarrah forest and woodlands.

Three genera of arborescent monocots can be found in WA, Dasypogon and Kingia (Dasypogonaceae) are endemic, while Xanthorrhoea (Xanthorrhoeaceae) can be found across all states and territories.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Dasypogon hookeri J.Drumm.

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